Chelsea and Shaun tried to explain to me just how laid back they were when we spoke on the phone. EVERYONE says they are laid back, go with the flow, but when it comes to weddings usually that isn’t the case. I get it. But Chelsea wasn’t lying! She planned her Newport ocean side wedding in just a few short months. Every detail was thought of. From the delicate flowers, cigar bar, beer cozies, patio games, epic dancing and lobster dinner. One thing they didn’t plan for was a tiny crack in the dock. As the ring was passed it slipped fingers and through that tiny crack in the dock. In true Chelsea and Shaun fashion, even though their hearts sank at first as they watched their ring drop into the ocean,  they buoyantly brushed it off in a split second. These two always seem to rise up like the bubbles in their champagne. Nothing can keep them down or away from a good time. Chelsea and Shaun are the most down to earth couple you will ever meet (and you can see it in their families too!) We continued the party, I continued photographing away, all the while her dad was hatching a plan to get the ring back! The venue called a scuba diver! They were surprised with a SECOND ring exchange at their reception! It was an unbelievable wedding and the only thing that topped all this was the joy that Chelsea brings to everything and everyone she meets. Shaun and Chelsea your wedding was the best party ever because of your laid back vibe that focused on the fun! It was such a pleasure see you two having the time of your lives with your family, friends and each other.  Congratulations.

Special thanks to Candace Jeffrey our second photographer for this event. If you are wondering if you need a second photographer check out the groom getting ready photos and scuba diver! I would never have been able to wait for a scuba diver while photographing the family photos and what a great memory it was! Thank you Candace!

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