sorry not sorry this is not a wedding post.

Besides my lovely brides, I love photographing artists and entrepreneurs in their element. Are you an artist or entrepreneur? I would love to photograph you doing what you love most.  

You all know I am a wedding photographer, but it was a windy road getting here and that road continues to throw me curves. I found photography in high school and pursued it to college, but I couldn’t figure out how to make photography into a living. I started teaching photography. I fell in love with teaching kids and eventually teaching art. Cassie was one of those amazing artists/teachers that I met in my first years teaching. We both started little blogs at about the same time to make connections with others in the very lonely world of teaching.

Watching Cassie soar into her best self has been completely inspiring. Through the years she has become kind of an “art teacher legend.” What really intrigues me though is her fashion and how she has taken a little hobby of making accessories and turned it into how she expresses herself. I keep telling her that one day Target with pick up the Cassie Stephens line. Although I have retired from teaching to seek out my best self as a photographer, I have continued to be inspired by her. I know you will be too.

About Cassie:

Cassie Stephens is a designer, artist, art teacher and leader in the art education world. She hosts conferences, speaks to thousands of educators, but most importantly amazes her students each day with an outfit that compliments her lesson. All of these fashions are created by her! Whether she transforms a vintage piece, sews it from scratch, knits it, needle felts it, paints it, it is how she expresses herself. Let’s be honest, everyone who knows of Cassie asks “how does she do it?” I think I have the answer. . . she just does what she loves. Nothing is more motivating than finding what you love and doing it.

Now go find what you love and do it!

Here is my lifestyle shoot with the IMPOSSIBLY CREATIVE CASSIE STEPHENS! After you check out these photos be sure to follow her on instagram

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