There's a reason why we don't take more photos of our families.
Getting in front of the camera is not easy, heck, getting out the DOOR as a mom is not easy. I am a mom and I get it. 

That is why I make every part of this process simple from booking to creating art from your photos. 

Family Photography

My promise to you  . . .

Investing in your family heirlooms 

Every studio session starts with a phone call to learn more about you and your little one(s).
 After our phone call I will create a style guide to help you plan outfits. 
In addition you have access to my mom closet at the studio filled with dresses that photograph beautifully for your session. 
                                                                                Session Fee - $250

All digital files and prints are sold after your session.
                                                                             Collections start at $199 .

The Details

Let's PLan your session

I am a mom, photographer, former teacher, so I know a little about what mom's need. I promise you will love your experience. Here is my promise to you. . . 

1. I promise I will fix your hair. I will help you pose in the most flattering way while showing your personality. 

2. I promise to follow your child's lead. Sometimes we just need a snack break. Sometimes we need to a game of hide and seek.
I get it.

3. I promise your session  will feel more like a playdate for your child  than a photoshoot.

4. I promise to let you dress up! I have a collection of dresses at the studio for you to choose from. We are going to have fun!

5. I promise  you are perfect just the way you are.
I will never over photoshop you because I believe those little smile lines were earned and should be celebrated.
I do promise to lighten under your eyes, because who is able to get 8 hours of sleep these days!


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