"Most of my favorite people talk in stories. I love how we create our own stories and pass them down. I cannot wait to hear your story and capture it, so you can hold it and remember just how beautiful it is!"


You are probably here because you wanted to see who might be photographing you. I am the same, I hop right to the About Me section because who is behind the camera is as important to the photos as everything else! Sometimes more important. 

A little about your photographer (me!)

Meet Erica.

Connecticut wedding photographer. 

With over 10 years of experience photographing weddings, a degree in photography from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, and a fine art background, I believe your wedding photos are art that you enjoy for a lifetime. I love the art of curation. From my photos, to the best paper to print them on, to my every day life, I believe finding the best often means focusing on quality over quantity.  I think it was Coco Chanel who said get dressed, look in the mirror and then take one thing off. Beauty is in the simplicity and care for the details. I love to bring that level of artistry to your wedding photography experience. 

If you asked me what my favorite part about being a wedding photographer is, I would say, "meeting couples and their families." I remember every moment of your wedding day like it was yesterday and I think about what a gift it is to be able to show you your day through my point of view for years to come. In order to do that, I get invested in your story.

From preparing to photograph to designing your album and every moment in between I have a whole experience planned for you. 

Getting excited? Me too! Now show me your ring! 


Photographer, mom, wife, friend, artist and light chaser. 


When I am not photographing I am loving this amazing little human. 

If you look at my work, I hope you see a lightness. That's because I am drawn to all things:

FUN (I am usually the first one to laugh)

LIGHT (Come to my natural light studio if you want to see how much I love window light!)

CAFFEINATED (Cappuccino is a habit I struggle with daily)

CHOCOLATE (Dark please!)

ORGANIZED (I love a good to do list! Color coding makes me absolutely twitterpated.)

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