"Most of my favorite people talk in stories. I love how we create our own stories and pass them down. I cannot wait to hear your story and capture it, so you can hold it and remember just how beautiful it is!"


You are probably here because you wanted to see who might be photographing you. I am the same, I hop right to the About Me section because who is behind the camera is as important to the photos as everything else! Sometimes more important. 

A little about your photographer (me!)

Thanks for finding your way here. My name is Erica and I am the photographer at Stella Blue Photography. People often ask me "when did you become a photographer"  and I find myself stumbling around to find an answer. I want to say "always" but that sounds a little unbelievable. I can be found in home videos directing family members together (like a boss I must add) to get the perfect photo. Put a camera in my hand and a usually shy kid became a vocal director, passionate advocate for doing what it takes to get "the shot." I was that "photo kid" in high school spending most of my time in the darkroom. That time and practice landed me at the Rhode Island School of Design as a photography major. After graduating RISD and lots of twists  and turns in the world of being a working artist, I decided I wanted to tell beautiful stories of people's lives.

On a whim (or because my cousin didn't hire a photographer) I  began to photograph weddings for family and friends and it came naturally. We still look at those first wedding photos and they look like they could've been taken yesterday. That is what I want to give to you and your families. Putting people at ease and capturing their wedding stories was thrilling and I never looked back. 10 years later, my work has been published in magazines and blogs, but the albums and wall art that hangs on the walls of the  couples homes are the most important places my work is featured.

Besides wedding work, I enjoy creating thoughtful branding sessions for businesses big and small. I enjoy creating visual brand stories for businesses to elevate their online presence. I am known for natural light, polished but approachable images that help customers connect with brands. Can't wait to connect!

Photographer, mom, wife, friend, artist and light chaser. 


When I am not photographing I am loving this amazing little human. 

If you look at my work, I hope you see a lightness. That's because I am drawn to all things:

FUN (I am usually the first one to laugh)

LIGHT (Come to my natural light studio if you want to see how much I love window light!)

CAFFEINATED (Cappuccino is a habit I struggle with daily)

CHOCOLATE (Dark please!)

ORGANIZED (I love a good to do list! Color coding makes me absolutely twitterpated.)

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