So shot lists are on your mind. Search the internet and there are no shortages of looooong lists of shots that you might want to tell your photographer to take.

When we start talking about the shot list, I wish that brides knew just one thing. Although we all love a good list. . . the more you put on a “shot list” the less candid photos you will get. What does that mean?! Well here’s the real deal, we are watching and listening to find those authentic moments. It’s harder than it looks. It takes a lot of patience and being in the moment to capture a beautiful candid. So the more time you give us away from looking at “the list”, the more time we have to be in the day and photograph it as it unfolds. That’s all!  I am lucky I have been photographing wedding for a long time and have never seen some of the shot lists my photog friends show me. Maybe it’s just because Stella Blue Brides value being present as much as possible on their wedding day. Whatever it is, I have lucked out.

Here are some examples of a list that you SHOULD give your photographer.

1. Special/Immediate family members that you and your hubby want a photograph with. A good photographer should ASK YOU for this.

2. A special person who might leave early (due to health or age) and you should focus on.

Here are some examples of a list that you SHOULDN’T give your photographer.

1. Photo of me and my husband from the back with me looking off into the sunset.

2. Backs of chairs with handmade signs and me and my husband kissing.

the list goes on. . . but you get the idea.

Hire a photographer you love and be in your moments, cuddle with your groom, and wear your heart on your sleeve for just this one day. You will find these are more amazing pictures than you could ever dream up for a list. And remember, we’ve got this and you’ve got a lot of getting married and partying to do!

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