The journey to this day was just as much fun as the day itself. Going to photograph Tara and Shane’s wedding was like showing up to photograph a friend. Last year, I had the honor of photographing another wedding in their family (her cousin) and Tara was a bridesmaid. When she called me and said she loved the photos I knew she was a woman I had to work with (because she already experienced me in my element- photographing and she got me and my style.) Knowing most of her family already, made the day that much better. 

When I arrived, I was greeted by Tara and her bridesmaids. I just have to say, her maid of honor, Julia, made some of these detail photographs happen! She ran to get items in other rooms, hung the dresses while I worked and was that go-to-girl. Thank you Julia! Tara looked so beautiful and was taking in all of the beautiful moments that she worked so hard to pull together. I just love when the bride remembers what is truly amazing about this day. I remember watching Tara laugh with her girls on the couch about the day they met (it was a funny story) and I was laughing too behind the camera. These are the kinds of things you want to take time to do on your wedding day. . . talk, laugh, enjoy each other’s company. I went to go check on Shane and I bumped into him in the hall. To the average person he would seem cool, calm and collected, but I could see his nerves. Nothing was going to calm Shane except seeing Tara. He had to wait to see her at the end of the aisle but it was worth the wait. These two are so in love and it is undeniable. I have said it before, but they totally melt my camera. 

Congratulations Tara and Shane!  

A special thank you to Anna Sawin. I get to work with some of the best photographers in the industry when you choose to have a second photographer at your wedding. She brought it with these epic groom shots. If you are on the fence about having two photographers cover your day. . . there really isn’t a choice. It is super difficult and sometimes impossible for one photographer to do the job of two.

Here are some highlights from their wedding story!

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