This was a special wedding for me because this couple (like so many of you, I have become very close with.

It is clear that is their way. Every person in attendance was prepared with their tissues and had a love for this couple that was either familial or as close as family. That is what they do. They open their arms to so many people and all that love is returned, but especially on this day. If you didn’t have your tissues handy, you were in trouble. They wrote their own vows and told about how they first met. It is clear they have been by each other’s side ever since. They aren’t the typical couple  because they work together. They spend so much time together and yet their respect and adoration is ever present and makes us all a little more aware of how we treat each other and love each other. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hanover! Your wedding could not have been more meaningful and beautiful. Remember, this is just the beginning! And what a gorgeous beginning it is. Cheers my friends!


Your Photographer


A special thank you to Rachel Black of Rowanberry and Lavender for the epic groom shots and so many more that I get to deliver to Lindsay and Justin! Thank you for being a great friend and co-shooter. We rock it with some very strong girl power and support and this wedding was no exception. 

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from the moment of I Do

joyfully captured