Three Reasons Why I Love First Looks

1. Enjoy the day! Imagine your family photos are done how and where you want (not rushed on a patio that you don’t choose) and you are free to enjoy your cocktail hour. Hey! You will even get a few extra portraits in there (usually 50-100!!!) because your photographer was given the gift of time. 

2. You can TALK to each other. When you traditionally walk down an aisle and see each other for the first time all dressed up you can’t tell each other how great you look. You can’t spin around and show the back of your dress. Exchange a note. Hug. This is what I love most about the first look. The love that can be expressed.

3. It is the best anxiety erasure for the groom I know! The groom is usually sitting in a little room waiting with his best man and then he is hurried out to the front of the aisle with clammy hands. What does he see? Sometimes 60-300 people staring at him while he waits. Moments seem a whole lot longer when you are standing there. All while he is standing there,  you are surrounded by your girls chatting and getting support. For the quiet groom this is an amazing stress reliever. This is definitely not a private moment for him with you. It is powerful but it is a very different feeling. 




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