Meghan and Bobby I can’t believe I’m writing this blog post already. I didn’t want this day to end almost as much as you didn’t and writing the blog makes me feel sad it’s over but happy it happened. Every single minute of your day was lived and enjoyed and that’s all you can ask for from a wedding. More important is that every single minute after this day you will be by each other’s side, making each other laugh, being a support system, and walking through life together, that I’m sure of.

For everyone who doesn’t know the bride and groom, you only need to be with Meghan and Bobby for a moment to see how in love they are with each other. They share the same love for life. I got to know these two over the past year and love how they take every chance they get to be there for each other. They are each other’s rock. Meghan has a joy that is contagious and brings everyone into the fun especially Bobby. These two are adored by their friends and always make memories that will be talked about long after the day.

During the wedding I got to know these two even more. The speech that one of the groom’s best friends gave described him best. In elementary school the kids weren’t including his now friend (the best man) so Bobby went and asked if he played football. He said, “no.” Instead of walking away like any other kid would do, Bobby said “I will teach you.” Bobby is the kind of person who puts himself out there to be kind and do what’s right. He is a beloved police officer in his community for this reason, he takes every opportunity to do what’s right and put himself out there for people who can’t. This is just one of the many things that Meghan (and everyone) loves and respects about him, he puts his life on the line everyday to do these seemingly simple acts of looking out for others.

Meghan is much the same and loves and is loved fiercely by her friends. Her Maid of Honors described her best as a person who loves with her whole heart. She is a true and loyal friend and I have enjoyed every minute of this journey with her as she prepared for this amazing day. Instead of just a photographer she welcomed me as a friend to capture her most special and cherished moments.

At the end of the night Meghan did one last thing to let her Groom know how much she cares. She TRULY surprised Bobby with a Rolls Royce getaway car. He had thought his day was perfect and then she went and made it even better.

Watching these two care for each other just during this day made me so happy to know they get to spend their forever with each other. Congratulations you two! You have no idea what a pleasure it has been capturing your love story.

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