On my first phone call with Aurelia about her intimate wedding at the Hillstead Museum, I knew she and her husband-to-be were a Stella Blue Couple. They shared excitement for catching joyful moments in beautiful light. We talked forever and at the end she (somehow) got me excited about a SUNRISE engagement session, even when sunrise in Connecticut was before 6am. Aurelia and Andrew showed up to their engagement session with all of the energy and looking gorgeous (they are that amazing.) They are the kind of people who give you energy when you spend time with them and I definitely got way more from these two then I will ever be able to give to them (but I will try!)

Aurelia and Andrew invited their closest family and friends to their intimate and meaningful ceremony, dinner and reception. This meant they could spend time being with each other exploring the Hillstead grounds for their portrait time with me, quality time with their family and friends and of course they could have time to eat (how many of you went through your wedding and never got to eat! I am raising my hand too!) Before their ceremony in the sunken garden, they had a traditional tea ceremony. This was my first time being present at a tea ceremony. It is an amazing tradition where the bride and groom are able to connect with the elders in the family. They share tea and are brought gifts all why being able to say thank you to every person individually. How wonderful to be able to look at each person who has made your life and wedding day so great and say “thank you.”

Aurelia and Andrew shared cocktails and dinner with friends, lots of laughs and conversations. I can’t tell you what an honor it is to have walked along side these two for this short time. Aurelia and Andrew I knew from the first phone call that we were going to become lifelong Stella Blue friends and I can’t wait to see your next chapters. More importantly, I knew you were deeply in love with each other. Cheers to starting your forever by each other’s side and many more beautiful moments to enjoy and capture.



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