There is something so easy about being at the beach and there is something so easy about being around Rebecca and Steve. These two celebrated their wedding on the most perfect day on the Connecticut shoreline and a week early on a beach in Florida. My favorite place to photograph is the beach so we are pretty much a match made in heaven (if I do say so myself!) I got to know these two really well on their engagement shoot at Silver Sands Beach in Connecticut. We did the engagement shoot and then got into talking so much that before we knew it the sunset was gone and it was dark! By the time we got back to our cars the exits were gated and closed! I, of course, went to plan Z . . . in my mind we were all sleeping in our cars, I was so annoyed I forgot my toothbrush and Contact Solution, but Steve and Rebecca were so calm and I think I knew why. They both work in jobs that practically require you to be calm in every situation, Steve is a firefighter and Rebecca is an EMT in a city. As you can imagine, this was nothing to them. Steve called and got the local police to open the gate. In fact they were having a long conversation with the police officer (probably trying to get him to prank me which would be easy to do!) That’s just how they roll, they make friends with everyone they meet because of their easy going, life is a beach attitude that we all want to be a part of. You know those people who you just feel better and more energized after you hang out with them? That is Steve and Rebecca. They know what’s important and they both live their lives from that place.

There was no time that it was more clear than on their wedding day. Every little detail was thoughtful, every person appreciated, and each moment lived. Their wedding in Connecticut was at Amarante’s by the Sea in New Haven. This was my first time there and it the perfect backdrop. The breeze of the ocean, the decks, the sunset, the lighted gazebo and the fire lamps outside, it made for an effortless place to host their closest friends and relatives.

When Rebecca walked down the grassy lawn with her dad with the ocean breeze blowing her veil back, I knew this was that moment that a Dad thinks about but tries to put out of his mind since she was a little girl. All of their family looking back to see stunning, calm and self assured Rebecca taking that walk with her dad. This moment is forever still for me. I looked to Steve taking all this in and seeing Rebecca walking towards after all of their work for this moment. When I say work, these two worked longer days/nights leading up to the wedding making this moment even more sweet. We all breathed deep, this day that we had talked about, planned and imagined was here and happening and it was so much more perfect than I could’ve dreamed up. At the end of the aisle was her rock and her best friend, Steve and at the other end was his rock and his best friend Rebecca.

I forgot to mention that Rebecca is also a photographer. So taking photos is kind of our playtime. She was adventurous enough to climb out onto the rocks so we could get off the lawn and as close to the ocean as possible. I am pretty sure she is part mermaid. Steve is always so good about indulging us on our picture taking adventures and was ready with a hand as we scale rocks to get the perfect shot!

Their reception started off with a choreographed dance. . . as if they couldn’t melt me anymore. It was so beautiful you two and thinking of you learning that dance together and the practice it must’ve taken just shows me more of your commitment. You will always have that dance when your song comes on! Rebecca’s favorite science teacher (one of the reason she became an EMT) not only officiated but sang them a song about their relationship that was quite possibly the sweetest thing a teacher has ever done for a student. Crazy dancing, lobster, barbecue, the beach, family and friends made this a party of a lifetime to celebrate the love of a lifetime.

Rebecca and Steve, to say I am happy for you two doesn’t quite begin to describe how I feel. Which is why it took me extra long to write this. I have so much respect for you two as people and love for you two as a couple and enjoy so much becoming your friend. Thank you for allowing me into your lives to capture this chapter for you.

A Special Thank You!

Second Photographer: Nick Cinea

Assistant: Tiana Valliere

Venue: Amarante’s Sea Cliff in New Haven, CT

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