Lydia and John’s wedding this past weekend at Wickham Park made us all feel like we were literally on top of the world. It was the perfect Connecticut summer day and the from the top of this hill you can see all of Hartford, our state capital. These two feel right at home in a place where they can see the view, they love to snowboard, mountain climb and just be in nature together. It was the perfect place to host their amazing wedding.

When you walk into a room and Lydia is there, whether you are her best friend or a server, she makes you feel welcome right away. She is always there with a huge smile and ready to introduce you to someone or just give you a hug. I walked into her getting ready home and I felt that same welcome. Lydia has literally hundreds of close friends but she chose to have just her best friend stand by her side for this special day. This was the best friend who has stood by her side through so much along with John. Along with her best friend, there were three generations of women in the room, her Grandmom and Mom were both there to help with all the getting ready details. This was the home she grew up in that she was getting ready for her wedding day with all of the people closest to her. How special is that? None of this was lost on Lydia. She beamed the entire time, okay let’s be honest, she cried and then smiled and then cried a little more. This is basically as good as it will ever get to be a photographer, to witness all this love and emotion is kind of what we live for. John did the same. He had his best friend and dad be there with him to get ready. These are the type of friendships that I get. The kind that are there through thick and thin, the kind of friends who just talk off the cuff when they give your wedding speech because they have that many stories to tell about you.

We arrived at the most beautiful church in New Britain, Connecticut, Holy Cross Church. The architecture is stunning and the most epic backdrop for Lydia to meet John on their wedding day. I was crouching at the end of the aisle taking those initial photos of Lydia walking down the long aisle, then I turned to take a photo of John, but he wasn’t there. I saw him peeking around from a side door trying so hard to see Lydia. Finally the priest let him go to the end of the aisle to meet her. When his eyes finally met hers, I have never seen someone look more at home. When Lydia and John are together they are the calm and the home for one another. It is something I am sure everyone can see. Their ceremony was beautiful and the most fun part for me was seeing these two steal a few extra looks and conversations when the priest had turned. They are so adorable together.

We headed to Wickham Park after the ceremony and guess who met us there? THEIR DOG, Tomkins! I’m sure you aren’t even reading anymore and are already scrolling down to see those photos. WAIT! There’s more. So a big part of their life is snowboarding and outdoor things, so instead of a book to sign there was a skateboard. Okay now you can scroll down and look at it. Everything was so personal, right down to the speeches. Of course these two made sure to enjoy their cocktail hour. I have never seen a couple actually make it to talk to so many people and have so many good conversations on their wedding day! Every person in that room was not just a friend but a close one and you can tell that by looking in the background of every photo. Each person looking on is beaming for these two. . . including me (just from behind a camera.)

Congratulations Lydia and John!!! I can’t begin to describe how happy your smile and friendship makes everyone but here are some photos for proof!

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Creative Team

Photography | Stella Blue Photography

Extra Special thank you to Elana Owens our second photographer

Venue | Wickham Park, Manchester CT

Ceremony | Holy Cross Church New Britain, CT

Flowers | Stylish Blooms

Caterer | Catering By Christine

Beauty | Hair Mojo Hair Salon (Marta)

Gown | Watters

Menswear | Indochino

Dress Studio | Emma and Grace Denver, CO

DJ | Sam Lurie TSG Weddings

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