They say business isn’t personal, but in my case, it is (in the best way
possible!). A bit about me—I started this journey as a photographer because of one seemingly small event. It wasn’t someone giving me a camera like how it happens for most people. It was something that happened.

A photo session with an amazing photographer that my mom commissioned. My mom grew up with just enough, never any extra and certainly no professional family photos. She always knew she would invest in family portraiture for her own family one day. And she did. She would hire the best photographer in our area that she could afford to take our photos on location, before on location photography was even a thing. I remember this older beautiful woman photographer who was young at heart, with her Hasselblad film camera, blonde hair who always made us feel like a photography session was a fun adventure. I remember the way my mother talked about the importance of a photographer as an artist and she talked about this woman as if she hung the moon. The photos are gorgeous I still have them today, each burned in my memory and tucked in my piano bench. These are not your average family photos, this woman knew light and how to get natural expressions. In the 80’s this woman cost more than what I charge now (film is a lot more expensive than digital) and they were worth every single penny. The truth is they have only gained in value over time. Now that I am a mother I understand this completely. These are our most precious possessions. Life is a series of moments and a beautiful photo is like saying to time “ this moment right here, I am not going to let you take and roll it into the next. This one is l am going to hold onto a little longer.” I hope to create some photographs that freeze those moments for you and create and solidify memories for your children.

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