Hayley and Paul were married two weeks ago and it is hard to believe it was a warm and perfectly gorgeous day with how absolutely freezing and end of fall like it is right now. That is Connecticut, one day it is summer the next it is sweater and boot wearing weather.

Hayley and her family opened their home and hearts to me to capture their sweet family moments all morning, while our second photographer, Joel was photographing Paul and his friends down the street. From Hayley’s dad helping with every thing while in a tux, to Hayley’s mom making sure everyone was taken care of right down to their parking vouchers, the vibe made you feel right at home. Hayley’s sisters were so thrilled to help while having fun taking those precious mimosa photos and dress fluffing.

The first time I met Hayley I instantly got that feeling that we could talk forever. She makes everyone feel like an old friend. So photographing her was like photographing a friend. We whisked off to the church as fast as we could, if you are a photographer you know what it is like to run into a church right before the bride arrives and I was so in awe of the light! The light poured from the stained glass windows and spilled on particular spots on the floor creating all the inspiration any photographer could ever need.

After the ceremony it was time to party at Lakota Oaks! Finally, Hayley got to see Paul and spend some time taking photos on their beautiful grounds while drinking a cocktail. The reception was a packed dance floor! At one point someone even created the limbo with a tie and everyone joined, even their grandfather. I hope you enjoy seeing this little sneak peek of a beautiful day that begins this chapter for Hayley and Paul! Congratulations you two!



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