Jenni and Justin have been working with me for over a year planning this perfect fall day and it was so much more than we all could’ve imagined. The minute I sat down with these two at the studio, I knew they were a Stella Blue Couple. It was the way they respected each other for their work and passions and loved on their little fur baby, Nate that made me connect instantly with them. Give me a couple that loves their fur babies this much and I know we have so much in common. Jenni and Justin are not only amazing people and a power couple, but also best friends ( if you scroll down you can see they even have a secret handshake.) This is the type of love that will keep them laughing and enjoying this adventure of life.

On their wedding day, I arrived at the Baldhill Mansion and it was one of the best Connecticut Autumn days! It was warm and the leaves were reaching their peek. If you haven’t been to Baldhill Mansion, you need to go! It’s in Woodstock, CT (we call it the quiet corner) on the most beautiful property, with a modern reception area, bed and breakfast, full restaurant, but the best part is the stunning outdoor ceremony garden where the light is always amazing.

The couple’s dog Nate was there at the mansion for some family photos. (Yes they even allow dogs there!) He was as cute as ever in his little green bowtie! We had very high hopes of him walking down the aisle too, but he decided to take a detour to romp in the grass instead of walking down the aisle. Dogs are like kids, they do what feels right and since there was no bacon at the end of that aisle, the open field looked more inviting. It was so cute to see him detour to say hello to a tree!

Every minute of the day was filled with love, beauty and excitement. Jenni and Justin are the most gracious hosts making everyone feel loved and honored. Their tea ceremony for their parents was such a special way to honor them. I loved seeing Jenni and Justin have a minute to connect with their parents at the beginning of the ceremony by giving tea to their parents while their parents gave their blessings. Jenni meticulously planned everything herself. She is in the design industry so the small details mattered. Even the wax seals that adorned the envelops and escort cards represented each family and was a keepsake. The couple decided to bring in lion dancers to wish them well on their wedding day and it was the most memorable experience I’ve ever photographed at a wedding. Between the drums, and the fiery red and yellow lions, I was completely engrossed in every moment of the ritual. It was transportive. First they awakened the lions by painting them, at the end they fed lions a head of cabbage to satisfy them. The lions made their way around the room dancing for all the guests who waved red envelops filled with money in front of them! What an amazing tradition!

In the end, I am so happy this day happened but sad it’s over because I feel really close with this couple. I loved seeing Jenni plan her wedding details and their engagement session adventure was so much fun. I feel so fortunate to have these photos from my perspective so we can all remember the day from a front row seat! Congratulations Jenni and Justin, your wedding and this past year has been one for the books. You wedding story will always be written on my heart.

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