Gisele and Hugh are married! When I first heard that Gisele and Hugh planned to get married in Salisbury I knew I would have a personal connection with this couple. The place is close to my heart as it was where I first discovered photography, at The Hotchkiss School. As a refuge from the terrible girls that boarding schools seems to breed, I would walk in the woods with my camera and find myself in a place that was home. 

Fast forward to 16 years later and I get a call from a girl who is getting married at Mt. Riga (a favorite hiking spot in the Salisbury/Lakeville area.) She is so excited that she can’t help but giggle when she tells me about Hugh, the amazing cabin that’s been in his family for generations, the connection to the land, and how one day they will bring their own family there. What I noticed most about Gisele is that she knows who she is and what she wants. Every detail of her wedding was planned by her, made by an artist or family member. From the cake stand, carved from a tree trunk, to the wild flowers centerpieces and bouquets created with love by her mother, to the rocks gathered from special places, everything was purposeful and filled with meaning. The getting room wasn’t a room at all, it was a cabin. The cabin was filled with art made by generations of family. The lake flows under the cabin creating a seamless view front the door to the water. This is how a wedding should be, family and friends coming together to surround the couple in love and wish them well as they start their own journey as a family. These life moments are always so bittersweet when we are missing loved ones who are close to our heart. This day was no exception. We did have another guest at the wedding who did not leave the entire day and made his presence known. It was a majestic red tailed hawk. Now stick with me here. I believe in animal medicine, meaning if we pay close enough attention, animals can bring us signs and messages from the spirit world. When Gisele called me the day after her wedding, she told me they were missing some special people that day. She believed the hawk that swooped over the ceremony and perched itself in different trees over us for the entire 8 hours was a special guest, I full heartedly agree! 

Congratulations Gisele and Hugh! I am so happy for you two to start your lives surrounded by all this love. You deserve nothing but the best! 

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