Sara and Mike’s first date was on a hike. So when Mike called to tell me he wanted to do a surprise proposal (disguised as a photoshoot) I knew we had to go to White Memorial in Litchfield. 

Then the coolest thing happened. Sara contacted me all on her own wanting a photo shoot for her and Mike! So the stage was set. Sara thought she was doing the planning, all the while Mike and I were plotting and planning how to make the perfect day for Sara. 

Mike you really surprised her, and it is not easy to surprise a girl! The best was after  the proposal was over, Sara would just say “huh?” to herself, and then a few minutes later “huh!!” as if she was just putting it all back together! Congratulations on finding the love to live your life with! Seeing a couple that cares so deeply for each other makes me feel so honored to be a photographer.

And here it is. . . the MOST perfect day ever. 


High Definition Version


Special thanks to 

Kelly Hart of That Girl . . . we love the beautiful hair and makeup and you are the best secret keeper.

The West Street Grill- thanks for helping our couple celebrate in the “best seat in the house!” 

Guys take careful notes! Contact me about your surprise proposal ideas, let me help you make it amazing. 

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joyfully captured