Kim and Dalal planned their wedding day for over two years. It was well worth the wait to have the celebration of a lifetime! The day was not only about Dalal and Kim promising their love to each other, it was also about coming together with their beloved children. There is absolutely nothing that touches me more deeply than a mother and child bond. Witnessing their vows to each other, I felt as though I was in the most important, beautiful room in the world. They made their promises to each while putting their children first and foremost. It was a moment which every mom and dad in the room could connect to deeply.

Their day was celebrated at the gorgeous Bushnell Theater in Hartford, Connecticut. While approaching the theater one could see two marquees hanging outside the entrance doors along with a deep red carpet stretched forward welcoming all of their guests. I immediately became emotional. Hiding behind my camera (aka choking back tears) I said to myself the “stage is set”. I was ready for all the stunning moments that were about to take place.

After their First Look, Dalal and Kim took a few moments, just the two of them (and their photographers of course) to read their heartfelt vows to each other. After exchanging their personal vows, my second photographer and I dashed off to photograph the actual stage at the Bushnell where the reception was to be held. We wanted to capture the setting in it’s full untouched glory before the guests arrived.

The ceremony was planned by Kim and Dalal for years and now here they were, descending down separate staircases, each escorted by their own child. This was no easy feat to photograph, two photographers, who needed to perform with exact timing, focus, lighting all in sync, (shout out my amazing second photographer Mimi Zhou!) They exchanged their public vows witnessed by their closest people.

Kim’s daughter, Dakota, sang as the guest took their seats in the theater. Her outstanding vocals and choice of music added to the magic of the day. Fun fact; Dakota was my former art student back in the day and one of my favorites I may add. I have long since left teaching art but I always remembered Dakota. I knew Dakota as a wonderful visual art student however I had no idea she was an amazing vocalist. (Off the record; this may have been the 3rd time I cried that day).

After Dakota’s performance, the curtains rose, there stood Dalal and Kim. ALL were ready to party!!!!

We are All immensely inspired by Dalal and Kim’s story. They fill our lives with such warmth, love and they focus on what really matters most: family and friends.

Seeing their wedding day come to life made this wedding journey complete.

Dream Team

Venue | The Bushnell Theater

Planner | Alyssa Jean Signature Events

Florist | Moscarillos

Officiant | Mary Coburn

Beauty | Upstyle

Catering | Max Catering

Cake | Taste by Spellbound

Entertainment | Mass-Conn-Fusion

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