This past weekend the two most wonderful people got married and I couldn’t be more happy for them! Kay and Jack wanted a Mystic wedding so they could truly be together with family and friends. The backdrop was the historic Spicer Mansion for the weekend, complete with a ceremony and epic dance party at Latitude 41. I always say wind is my favorite weather and we got wind (might’ve been mixed with rain but I was able to make the most of it by opening the front doors of the mansion and letting it all in. Think magical veil blowing. You have to scroll down and see the photo Kay and her mom. SO much magic.)

The day started with me arriving at the mansion early to set up my gear (I was excited to get there and with the rain I didn’t want to miss a beat.) To say I was excited when I showed up doesn’t quite explain it. If you need anyone to be as or more excited about your wedding than you already are. . . you’ve picked the right photographer for the job. I pretty much had to contain my ooohing and ahhhing over every beautiful texture, surface and detail. This place is a photographer’s playground, a history lover’s daydream, and an art lover’s museum; I happen to be all of those things. Kay and Jack told me that photos of themselves wasn’t really their thing, they are so humble. I have a different opinion. . . just look at these two! They look like they stepped out of a chapter from the Great Gatsby.

When Kay and Jack are together the whole room lights up and everyone starts dancing. Let’s be real, everyone starts jumping and swinging their hair and pointing at the ceiling, channeling their inner Mick Jagger. When that dance floor opened up, I saw every fun night they had before this day, how close they were with their friends, and how they are the glue to so many friendships in that room. They bring people together. They are perfect together.

The storm of day added to the fun atmosphere and of course Kay played in the rain. How many brides can say that! She is smart, gorgeous, and such a force that I couldn’t help but call her hurriKAY. She brought enough sunshine in the room to light up any grey skies that we had. Jack is just as awesome. He is driven, motivated, accomplished and on top of it all, the life of the party.

Their wedding was TIMELESS. Between the tuxes and the mansion with a bookcase that opened to a speak easy. . . I could’ve easily forgotten what decade we were in. Classic and timeless was the vibe with loads of fun dancing. These two didn’t let any second of their day go by without squeezing as much fun as they could out of it. I know these two live every day like this. We are all so happy for you, Kay and Jack. Cheers to finding the love of your life and marrying the heck out of each other! You two are awesome.

Wedding Panner- Detaille Weddings & Events, Cindy Sanchez Lark

Venue- Latitude 41/Coastal Gourmet Group, Mystic

Getting Ready/Rehearsal/After Party- Spicer Mansion, Mystic

Hair & Makeup- Simply Gorgeous by Erin, Samantha

DJ- Beat Train Productions, Spicer Henderson

Photographer- Stella Blue Photography, Erica Stinziani

Second Photographer- Candice Jeffrey

Florist- Candi’s Floral Creations, Candice Millard

Lighting- EZ Occasions, Karina ALvarez

Transportation- Joshua’s Limousine

Can it get any more fun than this!!! I don’t think so. . . but I am willing to take a shot at it next season! Thank you to all my families and brides this season for making me see and photograph the beauty in life in so many ways. I love this work. Thank you.

A special thank you to all the vendors who made this day so beautiful and to Candace Jeffrey Photography for second shooting this wedding and so many others with me. It is an honor to have such professionals by my side. Supporting one another in this industry is where it is at. Thank you!

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