This New Year’s Eve wedding was so much more than we could have dreamed of. Albana and Marc were engaged two years ago and planned a black tie New Year’s Eve wedding. This gave me all the inspiration I needed! If you know me, you know black tie is one of my absolute favorite weddings because it’s as timeless as the wedding photos.

Let me tell you a little about Marc and Albana. I met them both at Albana’s sister, Lidia’s wedding. I was Lidia’s photographer. Albana was the maid-of-honor and her (now husband) Marc was a groomsmen. As maid-of-honor Albana worked with me to get all the “perfect shots” (including tossing the veil for her sister!) We were a Dream Team! (Albana if ever you need a break from the real world you always have a place as a veil thrower at Stella Blue Photography!) I felt connected with their family and friends that photographing with them was a joy.

Fast Forward: Arriving at Albana and Marc’s wedding, I already knew so much of their family from photographing (and editing) their photos from years before. It’s always an honor to photograph again for a family, but most importantly it eliminated the stress of having to start from scratch. Marc and Albana make everyone around them feel like they are part of their world, which is fun, filled with dancing and good vibes. This couple has been through so much together, but always kept their chin up and focused on enjoying the here and now. The minute Albana and Marc saw each other for their first look the butterflies and worries disappeared and it was time to enjoy every bit of this day.

I was looking forward to the dancing from this New Year’s Eve wedding and this dance floor did not disappoint! Albana and Marc did all the traditional Albanian dances and had all the guests on the dance floor! Everyone could see they are so in love by the way they never leave each other’s side.

When I see these two, I see a couple who is intelligent, knows how to laugh together, take on life’s big challenges with a brave heart, and cherishes their family and friends. What a perfect way to end the 2021 season, with an epic wedding and dance party that will be remembered by all as the best NYE in the books!!!

Albana and Marc, I hope you are reading this and smiling knowing that we ALL had as much fun as you did. Well maybe you had a little more fun, but you definitely made this day beautiful and unforgettable for everyone.

Thank you for inviting us all into your love story!

Venue | VIP Country Club

Photography | Stella Blue Photography

Dress | Kleinfelds

Alterations | Rebecca Reinbold Couture

DJ | Revolve Entertainment

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