I wanted to share with you some exciting news! I have been working on the studio to create the most luxuries space for BOUDOIR photography!

I know you might have some questions about boudoir. Let’s chat about all things boudoir!


Boudoir photography is for women who are on that journey of self love, and who isn’t? We are in a world that tells us we aren’t enough, so it makes sense that this journey is an uphill battle. That’s where I come in. I am your cheerleader and photographer. You deserve a day to do something a little bolder than you have done lately and allow me to show you just how beautiful you are. Because to me, it’s more than just a photo session, but a chance for you to see yourself in a new way. Often as women we see ourselves as a wife, friend, mom, entrepreneur whatever roles we play. Your boudoir session is a time when we will celebrate you as the strong, beautiful and feminine woman that you are, no labels or roles attached. It’s a major confidence boost. Can’t wait to give you this experience of a lifetime.

What should I wear or not wear?

To me clothes can actually be more sexy and really give you different vibes and looks. You already have pieces in your closet that are going to be perfect for you session. Some ideas for outfits are an oversized white button down shirt, an oversized sweater with some thigh high socks for a sweet look, lingerie is always a go to, a gorgeous silk robe or kimono are always beautiful, whatever you wear or don’t wear we are focused on the powerful feeling of loving your whole self mind, body and soul. Some women are at a point in their journey where they can totally rock a white sheet like Marilyn Monroe. Your session will include at least three different looks so that you can see your beautiful self in three different ways.

Can I show you some ideas for outfits before my session?

Before your session we can Skype or Facetime and you can show me the outfits you have planned in real time if you choose. If you are super busy, skip the call and bring it all! We will have a fun girls day choosing the outfits together. I have a some beautiful robes too.

Are you ready for one of the most beautiful days of your life? Me too! See you soon at the studio.

Make sure to ask for an invitation to be part of our online community on instagram. This is a women’s only private instagram group. You can request your invitation here. https://www.instagram.com/boudoirreal/


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